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Knowing that other people have hearing loss such as mine is good for my soul. The ALDA events I attend make me feel so good. I meet wonderful people and also find out about new devices that are available for people with hearing loss. The CapTel Phone, for example, would not be known to me except for ALDA-GS. This phone is a lifesaver for me. Captioned theater is great, as well. Attending a performance with other folks like me is wonderful. It is so important to belong.  



ALDA-Garden State is the New Jersey chapter of the Association of Late-Deafened Adults, Inc. ALDA is an international, non-profit, support and advocacy organization devoted to serving the needs of late-deafened individuals throughout the world. ALDA-GS specifically caters to people living in the state of New Jersey. Our members grew up with normal hearing, but later became either hard-of-hearing or deaf. Many wear hearing aids or have cochlear implants. Most do not know sign language, but our communication motto is, "Whatever Works!" and we use a combination of methods to understand one another. We hold several communication accessible workshops throughout the year with sign language interpreters and real-time captioning (CART), as well as social gatherings, fundraisers and captioned theater events. We keep in touch via email, our listserv on Yahoo Groups, this website, and Facebook. We are a warm, friendly group and we always welcome new members.

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